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Computing in Year 5


This term , year 5 have been creating a Database. They have looked at why we use databases and different ways of displaying the information they create. Our database was based on an existing database “What the Victorians Threw Away” They created their own data cards and sorted their data to make it easier to […]

Year 5 PPA

What the Victorians Threw Away

In Autumn 2, Year 5 created a database using Purple Mash. Their Big Question was about Victorians, so we used that topic for the database. They used a website called ‘What the Victorians Threw Away’ to find the information they needed and then created charts to display the different types of Victorian rubbish.  

Year 5 PPA Autumn 2

This term, Year 5 are using their Big Question topic of Victorians to create a short advert. They have watched adverts to see how good adverts sell their products, and researched  information about the life of a  chimney sweep in Victorian times. They are going to turn that knowledge  into a short filmed advert. In doing […]

Year 5 Art Galleries

Year 5 were busy last term looking at “What makes a good Photo?” We looked at how to take a good photo, and then searched under a Creative Commons licence on Flickr to find photos of African Animals that met our criteria of a good photo. The second half of the term saw children use […]

Year 5 Sketch Up

During the Spring Term Year 5 have been looking at “What makes a Good Photo?” Based on a set of criteria they discussed in their PPA sessions, they found photos of African animals which they then edited in Paint Shop Pro. The children then used Google Sketch Up and made a Gallery to house their […]