Archive | March, 2010

Chorlton Park News Updates

Just in case you haven’t caught our new reports on the big screen in the dining room, and you havent seen the link on the news blog to our film page, here are two News updates. A group of intrepid reporters have been working with Mrs Scannali to write and produce a short fim report which […]

Comic Life in Year 5

In the Autumn Term, Year 5 looked at writing fairy tales. They chose from a set of  pictures and used Comic Life to re-tell the story as  a comic. They had great fun making their comics look interesting and used connectives and scene setters to help tell their stories. Jude’s Gingerbread Man   by Gurdavpal

Year 6 use Paint Shop Pro

Last term Year 6 used Paint Shop Pro to learn to layer images. First they created a background using various paint tools, then layered an image of a famous landmark on top. They then rubbed out part of the top layer to let their background show through and applied special effects to the image. They […]